Ashmore Foods Tasmania has its own smoker on site which allows us to produce in small batches which ensures quality control.  James was taught by an old family friend how to brine and cure fish, a recipe which he has refined so that you end up with the best possible product.

These have proven very popular with Tasmanian customers and are now also being made available to customers Australia wide through this online web site. Tasmanian quality cultured salmon is used in Ashmore recipes to make Traditional, a Cajun and Thai smoked varieties. There is also available a cold smoked variety. All products are sent chilled and iced in thermally insulated packages via overnight couriers.

The Ashmore’s range includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Hand sliced Cold Smoked Salmon
  • 3 varieties of Hot Smoked Salmon (Traditional, Cajun & Thai)
  • Whole hot smoked Fish
  • Cold Smoked Ocean Trout
  • Hot Smoked Ocean Trout
  • Smoked Mussels